Car Insurance Rates by State 2020

If you’re living in Michigan, you might not want to look at this. Currently Michigan ranks #1 in car insurance rates. With an average rate of $2,484 it is nearly double the national average for car insurance. This may be because drivers are required to have no-fault car insurance. Drivers are also required to have a unique personal injury protection coverage which is unlike any other state in the nation. These policies don’t have a limit to the amount of personal injury expenses that will be covered.

With that being said, you probably can understand that where you live can drastically affects your car insurance rates. Other roles play factors as well such as your driving record, age, current insurer and zip code. Each state carries their own unique laws and I’ll lay out a few more examples below.




There are a ton of uninsured drivers in Florida. This factor plays into what people pay for insurance in the Sunshine state. With about 23% of drivers not carrying insurance the state is considered fairly high risk. Other factors play int this as well, like the wet climate which contributes to the probability of accidents.

Rhode Island

Surprisingly, the small state of Rhode Island has some of the highest premiums in the country. The average Rhode Island driver pays about $2,000 per year for car insurance, or about 40% more than the American average. Teenagers are hit even harder in this state paying about $9,500 per year for car insurance. Your ZIP plays a big role in the state as well. Drivers in Providence pay the most in premiums while drivers in Newport pay about $1000 less.




Maybe they call Idaho the Gem state because of how low their premiums are! The state ranked lowest in average insurance rates in the US in 2019 with residents paying on average for $371, 40% lower than the national average. A few things pay into this, one of them being they have a lot of experienced drivers. Citizens 65 and up make up the largest percentage of Idaho’s drivers. Another factor is commute times, which Idaho’s city of Boise ranks top 10 in shortest commutes.


Maine is the opposite of Florida, currently having only 4.7% of its drivers uninsured. With its few urban areas it’s not a coincidence the state has a low accident rate because of the few congested roads. The extreme weather is limited in the pine tree state doesn’t have many worries about big damage claims.

See where your state ranks below!
Alabama $1,299
Alaska $1,109
Arizona $1,353
Arkansas $1,370
California $1,527
Colorado $1,435
Connecticut $1,771
Delaware $1,646
Florida $1,823
Georgia $1,340
Hawaii $1,458
Idaho $941
Illinois $1,004
Indiana $964
Iowa $1,015
Kansas $1,242
Kentucky $1,752
Louisiana $2,190
Maine $925
Maryland $1,390
Massachusetts $1,191
Michigan $2,484
Minnesota $1,187
Mississippi $1,323
Missouri $1,154
Montana $1,224
Nebraska $1,113
Nevada $1,746
New Hampshire $1,101
New Jersey $1,346
New Mexico $1,253
New York $1,759
North Carolina $960
North Dakota $1,315
Ohio $952
Oklahoma $1,643
Oregon $1,264
Pennsylvania $1,522
Rhode Island $1,688
South Carolina $1,260
South Dakota $1,059
Tennessee $1,214
Texas $1,300
Utah $1,199
Vermont $1,199
Virginia $972
Washington $1,191
West Virginia $1,375
Wisconsin $1,351
Wyoming $1,494
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